05-19 Tougher Mudder {DNS}



I’m sad to say I had to bail from this race. I was truly disappointed as there was an amazing local crew all going and I knew it would be a great time. However, I wasn’t running and both my Tri coach and Run coach Veto’d the race. They both didn’t want me risking my season for a “fun race” when I was shooting for the Rev3 Age Group series this year. So I had to defer to those smarter than me and pull the plug.

And to make matters worse, 5 days before the race I jacked my ankle. So I wouldn’t have been going anyway.

I will certainly look into this one next year. I had to read my own post about DNS. It’s a tough pill to swallow when it’s your own words… applying to you… there is no doubt it was the right thing to do. But it didn’t keep me from moping around the house all day.

I’ve only DNS’d a few times and it never gets any easier.

But I’m getting wise enough to know when it’s time to retreat to play another day…

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