09-29 J-Hawk LateBird Sprint Tri


I love this little race. Try to do it every spring (EarlyBird) and fall (LateBird). First and last races of the year. It’s only 90min drive and since I’m a fast swimmer… I get to start around 11am! No early wakeup!

I skipped Earlybird this year but really wanted to get into latebird (see 24 hours in 10 weeks post) so I talked my buddy Kevin into doing the run segment. I’d swim (500yds) and bike (14 miles) and he would run (3.4miles on trails). He is in the middle of marathon training so it works out. Speed day for us both!

We get up there in no time. Rack up in the high tech racks with TONS of room… A funny mix of low end bikes with kick stands and $6,000 tri bikes with disc wheels. That about describes who comes out to play. Mostly newbies and some serious folk just out for a good time.
This is a pool swim and the cool thing is if you’re a faster swimmer, you go near last. So I had a seed time of 8:15 (slower than normal) but I was still in the “reset” wave… which is the elites. Crap. There is a chance I’ll be last out of the pool! I have not been in a pool in months. And speed work? Yeah… in 1/2 mile segments! I’ve been training for 1.2 miles not 500yds. Big difference.


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