05-18 Rev3 Age Group Championships

Well, it’s official!

I’m thrilled beyond words. This was my 2013 focus, although I really felt it was a “stretch” and work certainly did not agree with me this year. I mean REALLY did not agree. It’s been a VERY busy year at work and I missed a lot of workouts.

I managed 5th place of all the Aquabiker racers in 2013.  http://rev3tri.com/series/age-group/

So my goal will be 5th place, or better, in the Championship in May. This would put me “in the money” (they have special prizes for the Championship racers – CASH for 1st-3rd and “store bucks” for 4th-5th).  I have my eye on spending my winners on a Rev3 Medal holder.. I’m getting quite the collection and they deserve their own space ;-) (8 races so far! there will be 13-14 by the end of 2014)

Again, a bit of a stretch but it will provide some good winter motivation while I’m sweating away in the Pain Cave!

I love the fact that Rev3 is ALSO holding the normal Knoxville race (Olympic and HalfRev distance). Same day, similar course, etc. This means all my friends who maybe didn’t qualify can still come and race! Just another thing that’s awesome about the Rev3 organization. I mean seriously, a cool venue is a cool venue – why keep people from racing just because there are a Gazillion Fasties in their age group?

Time to buckle down and get ready for 2014!   Come race in Knoxville with me!

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