06-15 Lake in the Hills Sprint

Local Sprint Tri, very cool vibe and a nice course.

LITH is a lake we swim in during the summer and it’s awesome seeing the public out enjoying it.

Unfortunately, this race seems to be cursed for me because for the 2nd time now I was DNS – Did Not Start.

Due to work my training has been low and energy even lower. Coming off the Age Group Championships I was already crispy – as in not recovered, so my coach pulled this plug on this race. This race we “for fun” anyway and like any good coach she saw the signs and said – no go.

Well, I didn’t want to waste the day, so I went and hooked up with a friend who had an extra Kayak and I ended up volunteering with the water safety crew. I was at the second buoy and I had about 15 “rescues”. Most people just went out too fast and needed to take a breather, 1 got pulled from the race, and 2 I was able to stay with and guide as they finished the swim.  It took them about 45-50minutes and I really admire their tenacity. I did the course the day before, easy, in 18 minutes and I was thinking “how slow” that really was. It’s all a matter of perspective.

I stuck around and cheered for some friends who had some great performances that day. Overall, it was a nice Sunday morning outside!

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