04-07-17 IL State Masters Swim Meet

This was a rough year going into state. With my hip surgery last fall, I was basically not allowed in the pool until Feb without restrictions. That gave me a total of 2 months to get in shape… after doing nothing for 5 months this was a tall order.

Normally in masters I was a lane 4 or 5 swimmer (out of 8). This year I started in lane 1 and worked up to lane 3 by the time state came around. I had no endurance and little ability to kick, so I am thankful I have so much swim time “in the bank” I was able to not make a complete fool of myself at state.


  1. Don’t get DQ
  2. Don’t die
  3. Swim the best I can
  4. Get some points for the team. Being a “low” year, we needed every point possible.

For the most part this worked out.

I swam

200Free (13th and won my heat! 2:58 which was well below my expectations)
1650free (7th – points)
100back (DQ!!!! BOOO)
400Free Relay (8th – points)
200IM Relay (5th – points)
400IM Relay (8th – points)
200Free Relay (5th – points)

So I’m happy with my performance, relative to my training I feel I did well.



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