In this section I’m going to start reviewing products – wetsuits, goggles, recovery gear, etc. Some of these are products that sponsor me through Team Rev3 or other places and I will note that – because I don’t want to sound like a brand whore. I appreciate them providing me free stuff but none of them pay me to do reviews. They just give me free stuff and I get to try it, use it, and in some cases give their product away. The motive is simple, they want to sell stuff. But they know that by having people try stuff for free, they are far more likely to do so. We already spend enough on our sport and adding “experiments” is not always in the budget.

Some of these I just freakin love.  Either way I encourage you to read, ponder, and use the knowledge to further your efforts to become the best you can be.


What do YOU want to see reviewed here? Leave comments below!

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