Biotta Natural Beet Juice

DISCLOSURE: Biotta Natural is a sponsor of Team Rev3. However, I am not compensated for this review except that they’re sending me samples to try out and/or share.

I’ve already had the chance to drink the Beet Juice at the TeamRev3 summit. So I already knew I liked it but tonight was our “taste testing” session at home.

Son #1 refused to participate.

So there were only 3 of us during our taste testing.

A little background first on Beet Juice. Because I’m sure most of you who know me know I’m a carnivore turned omnivore. So eating veggies and such isn’t something which I used to seek out. Especially when I was fattyMcFat. But I now get several servings of vegetables a day and I have been trying to find ways to continue to integrate them into my diet. Simple stuff like “The more Colors the better” and so on. I’m worlds better than I used to be and worlds from where I should be – but I’m making progress. So maybe call me a “Recovering Carnivore”.

Beet Juice has some pretty interesting qualities. Being a cynic I didn’t believe anything the sponsor said on the surface (I’m jaded, sorry). I had to research it myself. However, I didn’t have to look far. There is a mother load of research showing how awesome Beet juice is for people.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Improves Stamina, Boosts Excercise performance, Antioxidants…

Good for Brain

So here’s the SHORT version of WHY you should have Beet juice

  1. Helps excercise Performance and Stamina
  2. Rich in Folic Acid
  3. Improves Immune System
  4. Good for your brain (might help prevent dementia)


  1. It’s better than eating Beets, because cooking it breaks them down and you lose the good stuff
  2. Best served cold


It is best served cold so when I got them I popped them in my mini fridge for a couple of days. We got out our wine glasses (hey, it’s a tasting right?!? Hehe) and tried the Beet Juice first.

First we tried the Beet juice. I already knew I liked it from the summit but to describe it, it’s pretty sweet but it has this earthy undertone (sounds like a wine description!). I don’t like the smell much though. Son #2 thought it was “ok”. Wife was “eh”. So we took some Cherry juice and mixed it 50/50. Suddenly they were both fans. I liked it better, but honestly, I’ll pass on the calories of the Cherry Juice.

Next we tried the Celery root juice. This was new to me (this is for PH Regulation). Tasted like, well, celery. If you like celery, you’ll like this too!

Finally we tried the Breuss Vegetable mix juice. This was new to me (this is for Purification – if you are a “juicer” you’ll know what that means, if not – it’s veggie juice!). This was also sweet, no earthy undertones like the beets and I thought tasted pretty decent. I’d have that over a V8 any day (I have those cold and do them like a shot – just suck it down).

A word of warning. Just like wine, Beet Juice STAINS. So be careful not to leave it on your lips or mouth and don’t spill it on a cloth tablecloth or anything. Also, apparently if you drink too much it will change the color of your #2 … so don’t be alarmed!

So anyway I think this season I will be drinking my Beet Juice. If it is healthy, improve stamina, and gets another veggie in me… it’s worth it.  As a recovery tool as well. After a hard workout adding the antioxidants is a good thing to speed recovery.

Does anyone else drink Beet Juice?  Any mixer tips? I’ve heard Apple Juice is another good one… curious what other people have tried?

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