Blueseventy Element Goggles

DISCLOSURE: Blueseventy is a sponsor of Team Rev3. However, I am not compensated for this review except that they’re sending me a sample to try out and/or share.

I got a pair of these Element goggles with the Rev3 logo printed on them at the TeamRev3 Summit. Also, the Element goggles have been given out at some Rev3 races so I found I had a pair of them in my swim box. Since I have been using the Tyr Racetech I guess I hadn’t thought about even trying a new set. I typically need the adjustable nose bridge – so I figured I would hold these until the boys needed some goggles (since they lose them regularly).  But now that I’m on TeamRev3 I figured I would give them a try.

My first try was on vacation in the Bahamas. I got to wear the Element goggles for maybe 20minutes until Son #1 didn’t like his goggles, I also brought a set of my race goggles (this has happened before… can you tell?). During the 20 minutes though I found them VERY comfortable. The nose bridge was just fine and the plastic fit over my eyes comfortably.  It was SUPER sunny out there and I have to say it really was nice cutting the glare. Very similar to my Tyr Racetech Metallic but not quite as dark (sometimes in open water on a cloudy day, the Metallic is too dark. I always carry a clear set and a Metallic depending on the weather).

Today I got to try them again in a pool during a 2500 set (40min, this time working harder). Again I found them very comfortable, no issues there. I did notice they fogged when I stopped to talk to one of my boys in between sets. I don’t normally take my goggles off during practice so I can’t say if this was self-inflicted or what.

The tinting was a good balance between the clear and metallic I’m used to. It cut the glare (which the clear do NOT) and it didn’t darken things too much (which the Metallic does).

So overall I have to say I like them. I like how SOFT they are on my face. I look forward to my next masters practice and getting in a good 90min workout in them, I suspect they are going to be more comfortable than the Tyr.  They are also more durable. The #1 thing that breaks on my Tyr is the strap. 90% of my goggles get retired when the strap rots – not when the lenses or seals are messed up. I don’t think this will be a problem. So assuming I use my goggle cases I bet these will last MUCH longer, reducing my goggle cost. Well, actually, since I got these for free they’re way better for cost :)  but when I HAVE to buy some, yeah I think the value for cost will probably be better on the Blueseventy.

More updates as I experiment more with them. Anyone else had any experience with them? Comment below!

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