Month 5

After the Doc pushed and prodded my right knee last week, I have had ZERO pain. Holy crap, I have been dealing with that since the end of July! If I even remotely thought someone could just “fix” it that easy I would have done it ages ago. Although I have to say it is a HUGE relief knowing I didn’t screw it up AND my knees are in GREAT shape. With the thousands of miles I have put on them over the last decade in Triathlon it certainly crossed my mind that they might be getting worn down. Phew!!!!

I RODE OUTSIDE!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!  1/21/17 It was 57 degrees in Chicago so I went out for a 70min bike ride. Longest post op and just took it easy, tooling around the neighborhood but it was absolutely fabulous!  Was a bit tender after and found myself struggling to get on/off the bike a bit (need to work on that!) but I did it! I may not be able to run but at least I can start cycling for real!

Another interesting thing was my knee does NOT pop out to the right. I used to have to work to keep it in a straight line and now… nope! It just stays! Crazy how my entire Tri-life I have had to deal with that instability and it was always the stupid joint!!

PT Continues,

Moved up to Lane 3 at swim team and I am holding my own re: pace and kicking more and more. Lane 4 or 5 is where I normally am, so I feel I should be back there in a month or so.

Riding the bike continues to go well, but it is an amazing amount of energy. My core gets SOOOOO tired.

PT Continues… Gym visits from time to time now… Seems like there is more people than usual this time of year! The “Resolutionists” perhaps are sticking with it more? Heck… that was me 13 years ago. Fresh off surgery and a portly 322# and 56% body fat. Good times…

PT Continues… every day 30min, 2x/wk supervised. I am progressing. With the knee issue resolved, I am now walking steps better than ever – totally stable, no hand rail, and the right glute strength is coming along fast.

CORE – yeah, still a massive work in progress.

But now, at 16 weeks, it is time for… TA DA… PLYOS.

I have some serious issues with Plyos. In the PAST, even hopping 1″ for 30 seconds would wreck me for DAYS. Even when in amazing shape, it would wreck me.

So there was some fear…. real fear…

It is amusing to me that I am fine asking for the hardest, most uncomfortable exercise variation that I am allowed to do. I leave PT drenched in sweat and utterly exhausted. But stepping off a box? That was one of the most terrifying experiences of my recovery. I REALLY didn’t want to

b) KNOW that maybe there was something else wrong I need to attend to (like back or ankle or something)

However, you HAVE to trust your professionals… and I did.

So I was hesitant… but I did it. I stepped down from a box and planted on the BAD leg. 30x. I sucked at it, very wobbly, but no pain. so I did them all.

Each week has been a little more. Stepping off to the side. A bigger box. And then skipping. I made it about 16 before the landing was completely unstable and I stopped – but this was AFTER the box step off, so all in all it is a victory.

Each day, just a little better… little closer to normal. At 18 weeks I am just barely at 60% of my recovery window – I HAVE A LONG WAY TO GO – MUST BE PATIENT


I can now walk up stairs without noticeably engaging my Abs/Glutes.

I walked 2 miles…

I rode OUTSIDE… THREE TIMES… in Feb so far (as of 2/19) – 70min, 60min, 90min. Wasn’t “easy” but the bike is coming back pretty quick.

I’m back to lane 4 at Swim team – which is where I was pre-surgery. I’m only swimming half the distance as everyone else, but I am holding my own.

PT has been cut down to 1x/wk due to insurance and I feel it will quickly be gone. They feel that since I can tie my own shoes, wipe my own butt, and walk up stairs I am totally fine. Ok, maybe 1 of those requirements was not mentioned…

And most importantly I have seen my run coach. 3x now. Not running by any means, but working to get back the range of motion and the coordination needed before I start. Running never came naturally to me, so I knew this might take a little bit, but it is progressing very quickly.

So all in all, I can’t complain (but sometimes I still do!)

Month 6 begins!

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