Month 4

I started off the “month” getting cleared to kick in my swim and bike on my trainer – no more stationary bike!

However, holidays were upon us and my bike was still out getting painted so I didn’t even have it (I was not expecting to be released to ride until Mid Jan).

The first week after my Doc appointment (12/23) was driving for the holidays – which continued to be no fun. I dealt with it, but it was not at all comfortable. Sleeping in different beds was another new challenge, but that didn’t go as bad as I feared.

Holidays were fun, but short as we were heading out of town on 1/1.

New Years night was a big exciting celebration… with the little kids at 6pm. I was in bed by 9pm.

The last time I flew (November) it was really uncomfortable so I was not looking forward to a flight to Las Vegas – which is almost 4 hours – double the length of time.

This time I planned ahead and brought my Indomethicin. I did take on and the flight was quite tolerable. My Knee continues to bother me (another common problem I guess) so I had to move it a lot but other than that it was ok.

However, the Las Vegas airport tried to kill me. Everything is SO far away and then new train system took us to baggage claim 28 and our bags were in claim 2. I didn’t make it. I made it to 17 or something and told the boys to leave me behind to die… or just go get the bags and bring them back. Because the taxis were back around claim 22 and I knew I had more walking. Holy cow, I was SO tired and we were not even to the hotel!

We got to the hotel and then getting food required another major walk. I had to stop and rest. Physically I was exhausted but mentally it was majorly discouraging to be such a limiter to the family in getting around. I already knew that doing any major site seeing was not going to happen. Luckily, the kids wanted to go back to the hotel and rest a while before our evening plans – so that works. I SLEPT LIKE A ROCK.

So, without going into all the details basically I napped EVERY day of vacation, that was not optional. I was on Indo 24×7 which I was hoping was keeping inflammation down but I knew it was making me a lot more comfortable. I just wondered what price I would have to pay later! Guess we will find out.. I am NOT a fan of using meds to dull the pain, because then you do not know WHAT is going on – but I also knew there was only so much I could take and still be able to enjoy vacation.

Prior to surgery, I averaged 10,000-15,000 steps per day. After surgery my high period was during thanksgiving where I was 4000-6600 – but also ended up sick 2 weeks!

Well, day 1 in Vegas – where we did almost nothing was 11,000! EEEEK!  Tried very hard to minimize walking, but Vegas is soooooooo big!

We came back Wed, however were delayed to arrived 1am Thursday. That really tested my endurance too as I was tired AND doing way too many steps. Those days were under 10,000 but still too much.

Thursday I was back to the airport for Rev3 Team Summit!! SUPER excited and more than a little terrified because I was coming off an exhausting 4 days in Vegas with only 9 hours back at home.

I had one of those free passes to the United Club, so I went to the airport and ate, rested, and so on. I also put my name in for a first class upgrade, but it was a gamble on whether I would get it. I knew the bigger seat would help me rest more and decided the $29 was worth a try – and it paid off!! YIPPEE!

The flight wasn’t bad. I was not on Indo but the big seat and short flight went quick. Once I arrived I was immediately greeted by a new teammate at the gate! Let the fun begin!!

That evening was a bit tough as we met at an Uno’s (funny, I fly to Manassas Virginia only to go to a Chicago style pizza place? D’Oh!) because I wanted to stand and talk and move about but I had to sit. Thankfully all the veterans knew my deal and were good about reminding me to SIT DOWN so that helped.  To even get this far I was back on Indo.

Back to the hotel late, collapsed and woke up way later than planned. So much for a workout (okay I didn’t really think that was going to happen). I slept SO hard.

Friday was mostly sitting – which meant for me – sit a while, stand a while, stretch a while, repeat cycle all day.  Between sessions and dinner I went and napped.

Sat was volunteering at a Local 5k Rev3 was holding to raise funds for a local fallen police officer. I was assigned check in so I would not have to walk much. However, there is so much involved in any race that I clearly walked too much. Also, it was around 10 degrees and WINDY so sitting wasn’t awesome, moving was better!  I made it through the rest of the sitting sessions but had to leave before dinner and go back to the hotel and sleep again- this time 2 hours WOW! Good thing the evening didn’t wrap up until 1:30am…

Next morning was rough but made it back to airport, scored another first class upgrade cheap, and back home.

Monday I went to PT – it was clear I was exhausted. I was unable to complete sets I was able to do 2 weeks ago, last time I was in PT. Plus after PT I went home and slept 3 hours!

It took me the entire week to rest, recover, and get back off Indo.

My other PT sessions were much better and I was continuing to progress EXCEPT for my right glute and core. As much as I was working them, they were not moving along.

My knee continues to bother me and is not getting better. That is a bit depressing. I am not thinking the worst – will I have to get a knee scope? will that slow my recovery MORE? More medical bills, doctor visits, etc?

Swimming was moving along nicely, speed is coming back and kicking is not bothering me.  I am having back pain, which is not normal, and working through that – it could just be because my stroke is messed up from pulling so much and it could be muscle weakness in the core (AGAIN THAT DARN CORE!)

I did not get to ride my bike until week 15 – just with PT and swimming and life. The first time on the bike WAS ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. It was hard to get up, it was extremely uncomfortable, and it was hard. HARD to do just 60watts (my FTP is {WAS} 220 or so – so this is nothing). Second was nothing like the first – it felt good, smooth, and easy 80watts – which should be easy. So I guess I just had to “break in” my bottom to regain my BUTT-DURANCE!

16 week checkup – 4 months!

I brought my PT notes and instead of giving it to the assistant (which means the Doc doesn’t read them and I have to summarize it myself) I gave it to him personally and told him to read the summary. Lets cut to the chase! I started with the Assistant Doc (which is most of the time and he is good)

Since working on core/glute strength is something that will just take time I started off with the knee complaints.  After testing my hip stuff (which all is where it should be) he talked about the options and they did an Xray right then and there after doing some testing. 

This time Primary Doc came and in said the Xray came back clean and besides a little crunchy on the knee cap the movement came back ok too, so he feels strongly that the KNEE IS FINE and I just need to work on quad strength and it is OK TO PUSH THROUGH THE PAIN. I have never had knee pain before and so now I have been hyper sensitive, he told me to just keep working the strength in PT.

2 more months PT, minimum, probably more. Followup at 6 mo.

I have officially graduated from HEALING MODE to FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH mode. The hip is as healed as it is going to get. Now to get the range of motion back, functional strength in place, and then begin “real” training. The fact that I am not having any pain/discomfort is a strong sign that the cadaver labrum “took” which is awesome. It could take a full year to get 100% of the function back, but I should have 95% by the next appointment.  Good news!

I am allowed to progress all functional movements back to normal now. Kicking, Cycling, etc.

I am not long a slip risk.

He still does not want me going past 70 degrees of motion with any weight if possible – that is the ideal. So I guess my days as an Olympic weight lifter or cross fitter is behind me. I can live with that!

He wants me to wait on walk to run until I get past these glute/core weaknesses, then we try Plyometrics, and THEN we can start walk to run. I am not surprised.

Month 5



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