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DISCLOSURE: Powerbar is a sponsor of Team Rev3. However, I am not compensated for this review except that they’re sending me samples to try out and/or share. I am also a member of Powerbar Team Elite and I am given “points” for reviews/speaking/etc and those points can be turned in for product to use and/or share. As a result I plan to share more than 50% of all Powerbucks I receive.

I have been using Powerbar products since 2004, so I was really excited to hear they were a sponsor.

One of the cool things about being on the team is I can go to the Powerbar “store” and order anything I want (within a $ limit). So I ordered one of just about everything I haven’t tried to date.

One of the things I was most excited about was the Powerbar Protein Plus bars. I knew they were tasty, from trying them before, but now I got access to ALL the flavors.  I know from experience that I need a lot of protein through the day. However, really, how much chicken can one eat??? So I like to diversify it, especially during peak training.

I find myself eating about 6x per day. If I do that, I don’t over-eat at any individual meal. I have found these an excellent “second breakfast” around 10 or “second lunch” in the early afternoon. Additionally, if I know I’m going into a hard workout (like I am right now… in an hour I will begin a 3.5 hour very hilly bike ride… so I’ve been eating a bar to make sure I’ve go the energy available for that ride. Other days I might use it AFTER that right as recovery food.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

After you’ve pushed yourself as hard as you can, you need the proper nutrients to help recover. PowerBar ProteinPlus® bars are a great addition to your exercise regimen, especially after you’ve given it your all. They’re designed with 20 grams of TriSource™ protein: a proprietary blend of whey, soy and casein proteins. And, there’s no preservatives or artificial flavors.

PowerBar ProteinPlus® 20g protein bars deliver 20 grams of high quality protein from our proprietary PowerBar® TriSource™ protein blend in each 210 calorie bar.

High quality protein such as whey, casein and soy are effective in supporting the maintenance, repair and synthesis of lean muscle tissue in response to training. Some athletes generally require 0.6–0.9 grams of protein per pound of body weight per day. This is 90 to 135 grams each day for a 150lb individual.

So here’s the SHORT version of WHY you would use them?

  1. Helps provide a BALANCED snack (210 calories)
  2. Good alternative Protein Source
  3. “Fast” Food – carry a bar in the car, at work, on the go so you don’t go into your next meal starving! Very portable
  4. Tastes great (maybe too great… my kids are starting to steal them)
  5. Good recovery food – after 30 minutes of hard exertion you should always refuel with Carbs and Protein – this can do that!


It’s a bit sinful. Tastes a bit more like a candy bar than a “food” bar. So I am going to have to meter them out to the kids I think.  I don’t taste that “protein bar” aftertaste that many people complain about similar types of bars.

The various flavors are true to their descriptions – my favorite is the chocolate peanut butter, but the Cookies and Cream is a close second.

Has anyone else used them yet? Comment below on your thoughts!


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