Month 7-12


My goals during this period:

  1. Get back in shape
  2. Do SOME racing, as body allows
  3. Learn to run again, like REALLY run to setup an epic 2018 season

My A race is an Aquabike at IM Maine (aka Rev3 Maine) – 1.2 mile swim and 56 mile bike.

If running goes well, maybe I will add something else short.


Well, the hits keep coming. Even though I have been following a very smart ramp up in my training, my body is PISSED.  My weight is stable, but about 12lbs above pre-surgery with my eating being under control. So more working out and weight is not coming off. Boo. More Doc visits. Some stuff came up in my blood showing some rheumatologic markers (inflammation) and after a bunch of test they said “Eh, it’s nothing don’t worry about it”. SWELL thanks guys, make me think I have freackin Lupus, Multiple Scoliosis or something else horrible and no, it’s just me. AWESOME.


However, body still mad. So my coaches and I agreed although I am cleared for training my body IS NOT ready, so I had to pull it back. Also, need to deal with the weight. Not just the 12 since surgery, but the 20 since 2015. So the focus shifted to less working out and really doing a deep dive into eating. With someone as active as I am, the question is why do I have all this visceral fat? My eating certainly has a lot of room for improvement,  So we made some changes…

  1. No training above Zone 2 in any sport, but work to extend the distances/duration just at lower intensity
  2. Deep dive into eating
  3. No running. Just shelf any thought of it entirely for now. We will come back to it once i can get the body not-pissed.
  4. Re-evaluate Ironman Maine 70.3 At this point the swim/bike/run is out. Aquabike is now a stretch.


Weight down 8. Making some victories and major changes. Learning to cook some really basic stuff (I have zero skills here)

Training now down to zone 1 only and distances shortening

Body finally not pissed.

Ironman Maine ended up being a relay. Huge thanks to my teammates and sponsors for being so supportive and letting me enjoy the weekend without the pressure of racing. Did some leisurely rides along Maine coastline since bike was already there. Was awesome.


Weight down 14. Continued improvements on the eating. Reading labels and calling bullshit on so many products. Removing most sugar, dairy, and gluten. Lost several inches around waist. Continue learning to cook.

Got the 12 month – ALL CLEAR from the Hip Doc. Zero restrictions whatsoever.

YEAR 1+ ?

At this point check my general blog for my comings and goings. This hip-era is done and now I am back to a fatman trying to get back to Ironman shape… maybe. For now I just want to get back to an active lifestyle and the body is telling me to slow down so I am listening. It is mentally very hard, but hard doesn’t scare me. If I can do this – so can you.

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