Days 1-3 – The Fog

Day 1 – Sat 10/1

The first night wasn’t as bad as I feared, I am sure the Oxy had a lot to do with that. I woke up at 12:30, 1:30, 3:30, 5:30, 6:30  – sometimes to pee (bottle remember, I was strapped into the ice machine and had pillows everywhere on my recliner). I didn’t take any more pain meds, but I am sure I was still high as a kite from the Narco, Oxy, and nerve block.

My right leg was complete deadweight, I couldn’t do anything with it at all. I was on a recliner, legs up, pillow under my right leg.

My right shoulder still hurt as well and the tops of both feet. The right foot BURNED whenever I touched it so we had to adjust the sock/compression stocking several times during the day. It was swollen as well, which didn’t help I am sure.

The most annoying was the numbness in the groin. Apparently this is pretty common, especially when they have your leg in traction and they have to pull super hard to get it out of the socket so they can operate… for 4.5 hours! The big problem here is
a) you do not know when you have to go to the bathroom, until you REALLY have to go
b) you cannot feel anything – so aiming is a struggle… lets just say I needed a towel to make sure I didn’t whizz all over the place and well, I did anywhere.

When morning came I pretty much didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything if I didn’t have to and my left butt cheek hurt pretty badly, I could not get comfortable. Took all my morning meds:

Narco – pain
Oxy (oxycotin) – pain
Indo (indomethacin)- pain/anti-inflammitory
Laxative -oxy and narco would cause some serious constipation
Zofrin – anti nausea
Prilosec – to counteract Indo to make sure it doesn’t eat up my stomach

At 11 I had my first PT session. I dozed until we had to go, had an Ensure for breakfast, strapped on the brace and headed to the car. It took a LOT of energy to make it that 25ft to the car, but not nearly as much as last night. However, I was already worried about the 150ft from the car to the PT place and back.

The drive over to PT (Athletico at Prairie Stone Sports and Wellness Center) was uneventful, but getting out the car was tough. The trip in? OMG that was hard. I managed to crutch my way over – with Liz guarding the path (little kids, people not paying attention, etc.) but by the time I made it to the PT table I was utterly exhausted. I was drenched in sweat and the exhaustion level was similar to that of a 70.3 (Half distance  Triathlon which for me a 6-7 hour deal). I had to rest a while before I could really DO anything. Thankfully, most of the PT work was passive movement I just had to lie there.

Once done, I had to make the journey back to the car. Honestly, I was worried about making it and not falling. It must have showed as they ended up bringing a chair behind me so I could sit down once I was too wobbly/tired. Which I did. 4x. Oh man how the mighty have fallen! Just 2 days ago I could have ridden my bike hard for 4 hours and now I cannot make it 150ft on crutches. Wow. The first, of many, test of humility and appreciation.

Once home I took more pain meds and passed out. The rest of day 1 was mostly a blur. I do know that I had the boys setup the Xbox for me and try to pick a game that “a stoned person” could play. Well, apparently that was still above my still level but it was fun trying. I watched a lot of Netflix, but honestly not sure what we watched anymore.

I did get into the CPM machine – managed 2 sessions of 1:20.I was supposed to get 3 but I just ran out of day. Still only moving me 0-20degrees.

Talked to Janet, my run coach for a while.

I didn’t even try to get up to go to the bathroom, used the bottle exclusively because the trip to the bathroom was just too far and I was too unsteady.

Probably spent 12 hours in the ice machine. I LOVE this ice machine!

DAY 2 – Sun 10/2

Second night of sleep was better. 12:30, 3:30, 5:30, 6:40.

Big victory of Day 2 was going to the bathroom on the toilet.Nothing but false alarms for #2 but #1 was accomplished.

Talked to my coach Carole a while.

I also was able to use my GOOD leg to get my BAD leg up into the CPM. Well, the first time. I couldn’t the rest although I tried. More CPM – 3×1:20 sessions.  Up to 30 degrees

More Netflix.

More Xbox – getting better but I still stink at this new-fangled-controller things! LOL

Stopped taking Narco. Pain was controlled, except my left butt check. Started using a tennis ball and self massage.

More ice machine – probably 10-12 hours

Shoulder and left foot pain gone.

Right foot burning is worse. Really annoying. Had to move the sock and compression stocking a lot.

Numb groin continues. Maybe a little return of feeling? Not sure.

Tried to go #2 – just gas. No surprise, I really haven’t eaten that much in the prior 72 hours that wasn’t liquid.

Pain was under control, endurance is getting better every day.  I was more alert, aware, and functional.

DAY 3 – Mon 10/3

Third night of sleep was same except a longer initial sleep. 1:30, 3:30, 5:30, 6:40.

Talked to the Doc for a while. He explained more about what they actually did and answered questions.

Managed to get my GOOD leg to bring up the BAD leg TWICE, each day measured in small improvements!

More Netflix.

Managed a victory in the bathroom! So funny that being able to go #2 is a victory. But the pain meds will clog you up BAD and the Laxatives are someone unpredictable with me. Well, victory… several times… actually the entire tummy was a bit pissed as it got back into the rhythm of things. This lasted for a good 24 hours. Could have been a bit of withdrawl too.

Stopped the Oxy. Started the withdrawls. I knew this would come, had same thing with Percocet during my 2009 surgery, so I was prepared. On queue about half way through the days I started getting the sweats and a little bit of shaking. The pain was ok. The DESIRE for the Oxy was there, but knowing that was just the physical/mental additional “talking to me” I was able to keep it at bay and I carried around my bottle of Narco as a security blanket (and didn’t take any but knowing I could was reassuring – for sure a fear of the pain that I knew was there – but kept at bay – over the last few days).

I was noticeably more sore by the end of the day, but nothing I couldn’t manage.  Honestly, the sore butt muscles, burning right foot, and numb groin were far more annoying than the surgery pain.

Monday, boredom set in pretty hard core. Andy the cat tried to help by camping out near me. Actually, each of the cats and the dog took up residence nearby.


Next!: Day 4 – 7 Almost human

Nothing much to see on the site of surgery. It was pretty well covered up and would be until Day 7 visit when the bandage comes off.


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