07-21 Xterra Versailles



DNS is a bad word. DNF (Did Not Finish) is worse though and injury, well that’s just unacceptable.

After being sick all June, basically (I realized I RACED more hours than I trained in June… 6.25 hrs racing and 3 hours training) because of a stupid flu I got 6/3. That’s BAD. Racing when sick BAD and it just made it worse and, well, it just didn’t work out well. I ended up cancelling (2) June races and (2) July races. I’m truly bummed about this one, however, because I’m really excited about the Xterra series of off road triathlons right now. It’s a nice change of pace.

However, mid July it was clear I was still not much better AND it was stupid hot everywhere in the midwest. Race day here it topped 90. That means I would have walked most of the 5 mile run.  Oh, did I mention it was 5+ hour drive? And I’d be going solo? I would know one person there.

So add it all up and I decided a weekend with the family was the smart way to go. I emailed the race director and they agreed to transfer my registration to 2013. I think maybe we’ll try to make a family weekend out of it next year.

Sometimes… the best starts are those that never happen.

Eyes towards my first Mountain Bike race on Aug 5.

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