Crystal Lake 2 mile swim

Last year was the first year I did this “race”. For most of my local peeps, it is more of a training day with pals – which works for me. Any excuse to swim open water is good. With people I know? Bonus!

Last year was nuts. The race was delayed because they could not anchor the end platform. Finally they go it and we went. However, in the end the course was between 3.2 – 3.5 miles depending on who you ask or how slow they were. For me, I know 1hr 54min is entirely too slow for a 2 mile day. Granted, I had just done an Ironman like 3 weeks prior. But still… I’m not THAT slow. A mile should take me under 30minutes. So 2 miles – about 1 hour. This was almost double. Yeah….

This year, I get there a bit late, get in and check in and hit the bathroom expecting a quick start (I literally got there 10min before the start).

While in the bathroom I get the first announcement… race delayed 30min, there is some weather forming which they need to clear. Ok, fine. I get that. Just GETTING to the race was crazy as we had some flooding and downed trees in our area from a very harsh little storm that hit about 5am.

Hang out, chat with friends. It’s getting darker. Windier. More thunder.

finally they cancel it.

and the rain starts. BAM! nearby lightning strike. Ok, probably a good call.

So….. oh well, no swim race for me!

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