What really happened? And what does it mean for 2017 Race season?

So what really happened during surgery? Here is the report


  • We expected a torn labrum from roughly 12oclock to 2:30. It was 9 oclock to 2oclock and completely torn off and ossified (turning to bone) – this is much worse. in the end a 80x5mm section of cadaver labrum was installed to replace mine.
  • We expected some minor arthritic changes, there was significant moderate arthritic changes (not good)
  • We expected a CAM and Pincer, we got it. Basically the bone was all sorts of misshapen.
  • We expected some loose bodies floating around, there were plenty.

Pictures and a walk through are here

Before surgery the Doc and I talked about the risks. He stated that if he got in there and it wasn’t fixable, he would sew me back up and talk about a new hip another day. He made the judgement call to do the extensive repair instead due to my excellent health and activity levels. He still feels confident we can have a great outcome, but it will extend the recovery substantially.

So let’s revise this…..No weight bearing 4 6 weeks, no running 3 4 months, and I would be back to FULL training by 6 7-8months (assuming nothing odd happens during surgery). Since he knew my background, I tested him and said I would like to do something “short” like a 5-6hour marathon next fall. He didn’t blink an eye and said for 6 7-8months I was HIS and then my coach can take over. 12months should be plenty of time based on my history, so he said he had no concerned. Half distance Tri (70.3) – even less concern. Full distance Aquabike? (2.4mile swim, 112 bike), even less.  He was very clear, those first 4 6 weeks are extreme-nothingness. 1x/wk PT for 4 6 and then 2x/wk PT for 3-4 4-6 months minimum. The hardest, he warned would be that first 4 6 weeks.

PT Schedule





So I should be able to race in the 2017 Tri season, but it is going to be delayed further. Before I thought I would be back to full training 4/2016. Looks like now 5/2016 or 6/2016. So my season will be pretty limited to swim and bike. I can go from zero to race – ready in 6-8 weeks for swimming and 8-10 weeks for cycling. Running, however, I think I need to expect we are looking for a winter race or just cool my jets and focus on race-running in 2018.

So 2017 looks like a season of Relays, Aquabikes, and volunteering – and thats not all that bad.

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