SBR Trislide

Trislide* is a lubricant used to help you get in and out of your wetsuit. Many people use Body Glide (I used to) and other products but after I used it the first time I was sold.

The first time I used it was at Rev3 Knoxville in 2011. They had a Trislide station where they would spray you down for free, so I decided to give it a try. A couple of volunteers sprayed it on my ankles, wrists, and neck in no time.

One thing I noticed right away is it didn’t have the smell Body Glide (my mainstay) does… that funk stays with you too.

My wetsuit popped on right away. Normally my feet get caught up and I’m wrestling with the trying not to rip the crazy legs. That was nice.

During the race (HalfRev so a 1.2mile swim, about 35 minutes) I had no issues with chaffing on my neck – which if I don’t use something, I will have problems. So that was good.

After the swim my wetsuit flew off – again, for me it usually the legs that get stuck and I’m wasting transition time jumping around like a moRon and trying to escape it. Nope, just flew right off. Nice! Easily saved me 45 seconds in transition, if not more.

Something I didn’t think about, until they told me at our Team Summit, was that it was more hygienic. Huh?  Well, if you’re sharing Body Glideyou’re also rubbing it against each other. Personally, not a big deal for me but apparently the ladies don’t like to share Body glide with some big hairy dude! Go figure!

Finally, I guess it’s good for other areas too and since you need soap and water to get it to come off I bet it would survive a rain shower run/ride

I will be tying it this year on anything else that rubs and will report back!

Jan 12-2014 UPDATE. I have tossed all my body glide. I won’t be going back. I have found this far easier to deal with than “the stick” and I noticed as I was tossing them that most of my sticks were half melted and one was completely evaporated or something – just gone!  So I’m converted fully!

* Trislide is a sponsor of Team Rev3. That means they give me free product to try and give out. I do not sell it nor am I compensated for my review.

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